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Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Wellness visits
  • Puppy/kitten vaccines
  • Yearly vaccinations
  • Sick visits
  • Diagnostics** (Bloodwork, urinalysis in house, fecal analysis and Giardia screen in house, Heartworm and tick borne disease in house tests, FIV/FeLV testing in house, ear mite cytology in house, ear cytology, common eye disease tests, etc...) **Guaranteed lower price for house call reference laboratory tests (at least 10% or more)
  • Specialized attention and wellness care for geriatric pets
  • Hospice care (Including pain management, supportive care and end of life support)
  • Euthanasia and cremation services

Services that make us unique and round out your in-home veterinary services experience:

  • Single cavity abdomen or thorax, or double cavity (Provided by UltraVet Mobile and accompanied by Dr. Elsa I. Campos)
  • IN HOME NON-ANESTHETIC DENTAL CLEANINGS (For both dogs and cats who fit criteria)

*Great for our older pets who may be at higher anesthetic risks, for pets with chronic pre- existing conditions, i.e. renal disease, heart disease, liver disease, etc.

*Sparing the kidneys, liver and other important organs from repeated anesthetic exposure

*Costs are at least 50-60% less than in hospital anesthetic dental cleanings

**Dental procedures through Healthy Pet Dental Care and always under the supervision of Dr. Elsa I Campos**


We currently do not offer emergency services. However, Dr. PetLover is more than glad to accommodate sick visits on a same day basis as our schedule permits. If you have an immediate emergency please contact your local veterinarian or search for an emergency vet hospitals/clinics on the web.