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Pearls of Pet Wisdom

The Truth About Indoor Cats

Posted on 2 September, 2014 at 19:05

Reminder:  Every day is adopt a shelter pet day, pass it on!

(KIR)  An indoor cat is only indoors because he/she doesn't leave the house.  However, there are parasites and organisms that creep their way into our homes and infest or infect our indoor cats, i.e. fleas, mosquitos, intestinal parasites, etc.

Recent client:  11 y.o. MN DSH cat, owner recently noticed hair missing along the cat's back, cat has ALWAYS been INDOORS ONLY.

On physical exam the cat had hair loss along it's back and had lesions consistent with a superficial skin infection AND there were live fleas scattering throughout this cat's thick under coat.  
This particular cat has a flea allergy dermatitis, a type of allergy to flea saliva.
Treatment for the dermatitis (antibiotics, anti-inflammatories), topical flea/tick treatment for the cat, exterminator (who because of the fleas' life cycles has to treat the home inside and out multiple times) has now and continues to cost this owner upwards of $600....

(TBS) We need to fully protect our indoor cats also against fleas (which besides being YUCKY can transmit disease not only to your cat but to humans), mosquitos (transmit heartworm disease), etc.  Because we go in and out of our homes we can actually "carry " things into our homes.
Revolution, a topical parasitacide costs approximately $16/month!  $600, $16, $600, $ thought required. Let's start protecting our indoor cats too!

***Please note that I am not endorsing any one particular product.  I am just giving you advice based on my experiences and knowledge.  Feel free to speak to your local veterinarian regarding the different products and remember your cat will need to have a heart worm test prior to starting these medications.

(more about indoor vaccinate or not...coming soon)

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